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Having a correctly drafted lease for a commercial or residential property can help protect you from future problems. Many people are choosing to invest in real estate and are leasing the properties they own. It is important to have a Carmel lease attorney who is familiar with the area, the real estate market and the community standards. This allows for a thorough review of your lease documents for the common practices regarding local real estate matters.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and I have represented many residential and commercial landlords in Indiana, in leasing their properties and in drafting or reviewing their lease documents. I know how important it is to make everything clear in the original documentation to prevent misunderstandings and conflict further down the road. I go over your lease in detail, and bring any potential issues to your attention so you can negotiate a resolution upfront or revise the lease to resolve the problem. I know how to protect your interests.

Attorney Representing Landlords In Noblesville And The Surrounding Areas

I work primarily with landlords of both commercial and residential properties in regard to lease agreements, negotiations and resolution of conflicts. I also review lease agreements for tenants of both commercial and residential properties, but I only represent residential tenants in landlord-tenant litigation issues under extraordinary circumstances. If your litigation includes claims for nonpayment of rent, I typically do not get involved.

I will sit down with you and listen to your needs and concerns regarding your property. Whether you want to create a new lease, or I am reviewing an existing lease for a property you are purchasing, my goal as your lawyer is to ensure that you achieve your desired result while anticipating any future problems and finding ways to avoid them.

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