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Finding out that the former owner of your home failed to disclose something about an unresolved condition, an intentionally hidden condition or poorly completed repair can be very frustrating. Perhaps a neighbor walks up and asks if the former owner “fixed” a problem in the home that was not disclosed, or you call a contractor to make a repair, only to discover that the contractor advised the former owner of a significant problem but the owner opted not to make all of the necessary repairs. If this was not disclosed on the Indiana Seller’s Residential Disclosure Form, you may have legal recourse to demand restitution from the former owner or others.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and as your Carmel attorney handling nondisclosure agreement disputes, I can help you determine if you have this legal recourse and pursue it on your behalf. I work with you to track down information on whether the seller knew about the problem and didn’t list it on the disclosure form, and I represent you in your claim against the seller.

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Unfortunately, new homeowners find out about pre-existing conditions well after the closing has occurred and the former owner never disclosed the condition. I review your purchase agreement and Seller’s Residential Real Estate Disclosure Form and situation to help you locate indications of concealment on the seller’s part. I encourage you to speak with neighbors, local contractors or city officials to learn if any work was ever done to remedy this problem. I determine if you have enough proof to show fraud or gross negligence on the part of the former owner and, if so, I pursue recovery of your claim.

The Seller’s Residential Real Estate Disclosure Form has been carefully developed over time to prevent issues like this from occurring, but problems in this area persist. If the seller failed to disclose a problem with your house, it is up to you to prove that the previous owner had knowledge of the condition and intentionally or negligently failed to disclose the same. I look for indications of fraud on the part of the seller. If you are a seller looking for a lawyer to help you determine if you have a case, I can help you resolve your issues. I can also advise you on how to fill out this form properly or defend you if you had no knowledge of the problem, or if you thought the problem was repaired.

Knowing that your new home is safe for you and your family is as important to me as it is to you. I work diligently to help you resolve these issues of nondisclosure, so you can be satisfied with your investment in your future.

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