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Buying a home or a business property in or around Carmel, Indiana, can be both exciting and intimidating. Making a timely and effective offer is crucial to the transaction. Dealing with all of the inspections, title issues, paperwork and contract negotiations can be exhausting. You want to make sure you have all of your documentation in the correct order when you go to close on your new property to prevent any holdups in the process. You need a Hamilton County real estate lawyer to help you.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and I can help you and your family buy or sell your home, or help you with your business purchase or sale, or help you rent your home, retail or business space. I have more than 25 years of experience as a real estate attorney, and I handle transactions and litigation for nearly all real estate issues, including:

  • Review and negotiation of purchase agreements
  • Review commitments for title insurance
  • Review of surveys
  • Preparation and review of all documents for closings
  • Warranty Deeds
  • Quitclaim Deeds
  • Vendor’s Affidavits
  • Promissory Notes
  • Real Estate Mortgages
  • Address encroachment issues
  • Attend closings
  • Taking care of all post-closing needs and issues

If you are a homeowner who is selling your home, also known as “for sale by owner”, or FSBO, (without a real estate agent) I can help you create a purchase agreement and the corresponding documentation necessary to get you to the closing. I can also help you if you are buying a home, with or without a real estate agent.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Lawyer Serving Clients In Noblesville And The Surrounding Areas

I sit down with you to discuss your needs and goals, what steps you have already taken and what you still need to accomplish. I explain the different processes or documents that need to be addressed and how the law may affect your situation. I review or create the documents you need, and I will even attend the closing with you if you wish.

If your case involves litigation, I look at what remedies are available to you, what options exist for achieving any of those remedies, and I educate you on all of these so you can make informed decisions. If possible, I initiate a conversation with the opposing party and engage in negotiations on your behalf to resolve the problem before taking the matter to court.

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