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In any construction project, residential or commercial, there are thousands of issues that can arise, causing conflict between two or more parties involved. When this happens, it helps to have an experienced Fishers construction litigation attorney on your side.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and I have represented clients involved in all aspects of the construction industry for more than 28 years. I have in-depth knowledge of Indiana construction law, and I understand the workings and changing standards of the construction industry. I represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction litigation involving residential and commercial properties in and around the Carmel area.

I review all pertinent documentation regarding your case prior to our meeting so I understand the nature of the claim you are making, or that is being levied against you. I sit down with you to discuss the issue, listening to all of your concerns, addressing your questions and establishing your goals regarding the outcome of your case.

Attorney Representing Clients In Breach Of Contract Issues In Noblesville And The Surrounding Areas

My work is efficient and cost-effective. My goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible while representing your best interests. Many times, I will visit the construction site to view the defect or issue myself in order to better assess the situation and find the best solution. If necessary, I help you find expert witnesses to give testimony to strengthen your case and testify for mediation, arbitration or at trial.

I understand how much you have invested in your construction project, and I want to help you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. As your lawyer, I work diligently on your behalf to bring your case to a swift and positive resolution.

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