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Every business has legal obligations it must fulfill from startup and throughout the life of the business. Many businesses will come into some sort of legal conflict at some point. For both of these situations, it is important to have an experienced Carmel business attorney on your side.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and I have been helping businesses with their legal matters for more than 28 years. Many businesses cannot afford in-house counsel, but need the services that the position provides. I provide these and other services to small to medium-sized businesses in the Indianapolis area:

Commercial Law Attorney Representing Clients In Hamilton County And The Surrounding Areas

I sit down with you to discuss your needs and goals for your business. I am not a tax expert and do not get involved in tax-related issues, but I will work closely with you and your tax adviser to find the best solution for you. I evaluate your short-term needs versus your long-term goals, and we map out a plan to move forward. Depending on whether your issue involves a conflict with another business or individual, I work with you to gather the necessary information and open negotiations on your behalf.

I work with you on everything from getting your business started and properly registered with the secretary of state’s office to providing legal counsel for the day-to-day issues that may arise. Having a reliable lawyer who understands your business and is as invested in your success as you are is an invaluable asset.

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Call me at 800-530-0458 or contact me online to talk about your situation. I want to help you achieve a successful outcome for your business.

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