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Helping Your Business Collect On Commercial Debts

Businesses cannot afford to let hard-earned money disappear. You may have made countless requests demanding payment from debtors and received little or no response. To help your business stay afloat, you need to turn to an experienced Carmel collection attorney.

My name is Russell L. Jones, and I have been helping businesses to collect overdue fees and bills from debtors for more than 28 years. I know that your business needs these funds to continue to operate in the black. I pursue these overdue accounts diligently on your behalf. I handle primarily commercial or business-to-business debts.

Noblesville Attorney Handling Commercial Collections

I sit down with you to review your claim and assess its viability for collection. Once you have retained me as your lawyer, I work with you to gather the information I will need in order to pursue your case and review all pertinent documents to determine what can be collected as part of your claim. I walk you through the procedures, issuing letters requesting collection on your behalf and ensuring that you are in compliance with Indiana collections laws. If your debtor does not pay, I pursue litigation against the party in question to gain a judgment.

Once I have achieved a judgment against your debtor, I proceed with garnishment of wages and bank accounts or attachment of liens to the debtor’s assets so you can collect on your past-due accounts.

I review all collections cases on a case-by-case basis for billing purposes. I handle many collections cases on a contingency basis instead of for an hourly fee. I can discuss this with you and whether this is appropriate for your situation at the time of your appointment.

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Call me at 800-530-0458 or contact me online to talk about your situation. I want to help you achieve a successful outcome in your case.

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